Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Install Wine 1.2 stable in Ubuntu

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On July 16, 2010 WineHQ officially launched the Stable version of Wine 2.1.
For those who do not know what Wine is, this application makes the OS such as Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, etc), Machintosh, Solaris, or FreeBSD can run the program - a program designed in Microsoft Windows without the need to install Windows itself. (The concept is similar to Virtual PC, but with different technology)

In this new version, many of the features offered include:
- Support 64-bit application and can run 64-bit applications on 32-bit Linux
- Built-in icon on the application file
- Copy and paste between applications on Linux and Windows
- Ability to run the MSI installation file
- Implementation of d3dx9 depth etc. and OpenGL for the graphics better

For a detailed changelog can be seen in

When I try to install it, it turns out the main repository of file does not contains the latest version, but still contain stable version from two years ago.
So to install Wine 1.2 in Ubuntu we have to go to Software Sources (System-> Administration-> Software Sources) Other Select software and click Add.
In the box enter the text ppa APT Line: ubuntu-wine/ppa

Wine Ubuntu ppa

After that press the Add Source, Close, and then Reload.

Update Manager in Ubuntu 10.04

If you already have an old version of Wine, System Manager will notify you to update  to the latest version of Wine and you can upgrade it.
But if you have not installed Wine in Ubuntu, go to Applications-> Add / Remove and search for and install Wine.
Installing Wine in Ubuntu

I managed to install Winamp 5:58 and successfully play my favorite songs.
While for the games, I managed to play the game The Sims 3 and the old StarWars KOTOR with a little tweak in the settings Wine.
Winamp in Ubuntu
Article Source : Installing Wine 1.2 Stable Release Di Ubuntu

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